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The key to a successful relationship-4Gshayari

The key to a successful relationship

The key to a successful relationship

Separation and divorces have multiplied many folds in the recent years. These cases have developed a sense of disbelief in the youth regarding relationships and in the Institution of marriage. There are often arguments seeking an answer to quite conflicting question, “Which on is better, a love marriage or an arranged marriage?”
Well, the debate never ends.
If you really ponder upon the question, you would realize that we have love marriages breaking up as much in number as the arranged ones. Hence the better one is the one that is successful. With this statement, we arrive to another big question, How do you define a successful relationship?

The one which lasts longer? Well, definitely yes, but the duration of a relationship cannot define the goodness of it or the love behind it. It is not a race, we do not need to reach the boundary to prove our relationship successful enough. There have been cases in the past where people stayed together just for the sake of the commitment that they made.
If you take it the other way round, a peaceful and much-adored relationship that ended after a short period can also not be referred to as a successful one, because if it was that successful, why did it end.
Hence, we must understand that a good and successful relationship is the one which has love, respect, and more than anything, the will to stay together that overcomes all the odds.
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