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Vo Ladki Yaad aati hai – Shayari Dil Se


Vo ladki Yaad aati hai -Shayari Dil Se

She was a poor girl Her father used to do wages at a shop and mother-in-the-line kitchenware. She was the only girl of her parents, so she took her with great love. They wanted him to become a big man by writing a reading, so that he did not have to spend days in poverty.

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When he passed the 10th examination of the school from the village school, he was very happy. The mother-talk, in some way, got her name written in her middle name in a 8-km away town from the village. He started going to school with bicycles. This way his life started moving forward.

But one day there was a new turn in his life. While leaving school, a boy came to him with a bike and said softly – if you do not mind, I want to tell you something.

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The girl used to see that boy often on the way. Whenever he came to school and went to school, the boy stood by the side of the road and found him. At first initially, she did not like it all, but gradually she too seemed to like it. So when the boy asked permission to say, he gently nodded and allowed it.

The boy removed a rose bud from his shirt pocket and put it in his hand and closed his hand and said, “I love you so much. Every time I wake up and sleep, I just want to think about you. I do not like anything …. ”
The boy wanted to say a lot more, but the girl slowly gestured her love by placing her hand on her lips. In this way, the talk started in both of them. The boy brought some gift to him every day and he got to die for him. By listening to her words, the girl becomes addicted and lost in the world of dreams.

One day the boy took that girl on his bike. Both of them reached the banks of the river and sat on the grass and started talking. But the boy’s intent was another. But the girl who was blind in love did not understand her intentions and she handed herself to the boy. Both people lost love in each other’s love so that the two people became one.

But do not know where three boys came there from there. The girl was shocked to see them and began to dress her clothes. Seeing this, a boy caught hold of his hand and said – What is too early my queen, we too are giving you A little too entertain us too

The girl asked for help from her boyfriend. But he laughs after seeing it all. Seeing this, the girl’s heart was stunned. That is all this was its trick?

The girl did not think anything ahead. Because these three boys broke down like a hungry wolf on their body and kept burning their lamps. The girl continued to scream for help and they screwed her away.

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After about an hour the girl sensed, she found herself barefoot. The three boys and her boyfriend had gone there. The girl was dark in front of her eyes. His world was filled with darkness. He seemed to end his life.

She wondered why she disagreed with the words of that unfaithful boy. Why I came here with him Now what will I take in my mouth and go home? What will I tell my parents? Seeing my situation, they will die.

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The girl’s throat was drying badly. How did he get to the banks of the river. River water was flowing rapidly due to tomorrow. The girl once again thought of her compulsive parents, her unfaithful lover and then jumped into the river.

The next moment he started drowning in the river. But now neither he was calling for someone to save his life nor was he struggling to escape. His heart was calm of water. He was also thinking about his unfaithful lover, why he had disobeyed his words like this, why I loved him blindly, why did not I understand his love? If I could do it, then maybe … and then it went sinking in the depths of the river.

Friends, it is not bad to love someone, to apologize, but also to have the ability to recognize emotions. Think of the results before handing over your mind to someone. Otherwise you can also cheat, you can be cheated too.

How do you like this story, please tell us. And share it with your friends. It may be that with this effort anyone can lead a life.

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